Welcome 2014! Greetings and Salutations!

This past year at Sunset Gardens has been filled with much growth, learning experiences and opportunities to introduce ourselves to so many enthusiastic gardeners, which made 2013 a pleasurable first year.

With a new nursery well rooted, we now look forward to the new year with great enthusiasm in our desires to continue to expand and improve our service and relationships with our fellow gardeners. First on the agenda will be the addition of our Sunset Garden blog; located on our web page. It will offer cheery tid-bits, handy tips and helpful information to help you improve your gardening experience. We invite you to stop by anytime!

And with winter still upon us, garden lovers alike are already getting the itch to be outdoors. So while we wait for warmer weather and the hummingbirds to return, here are a few things to consider doing during these dull winter months:

*Being indoors gives us a chance to tend to our indoor plants. Excellent time to repot that one plant that is busting at the seams. A quick planting tip: it’s better to turn plant upside down, gently tap bottom of pot while allowing gravity to help pull your plant out rather than pulling it out from the top. The chance of root breakage and stress is decreased.

*Take an inventory of garden tools and supplies. Great time to clean tools and sharpen dull blades; especially the lawn mower blade.

*Now that perennials are fast asleep our landscapes are easier to view, which makes winter a perfect time to make or change landscape designs. Make a map of the overall look you desire and then research which plants would be best to use. Then come spring you will be ready to go. Our staff at Sunset Gardens would be happy to help you get your yard off to a great start!

*Remember pre-emergent for spring lawn care. Our grass lawns become vulnerable when winds pick up seeds from weeds and drop them off in our yards. One way to help stop the growth of weeds in grass is by applying pre-emergent. Pre-emergent is a chemical that targets seeds and kills them. So if the mighty wind drops a weed seed in your yard and it hits the pre- emergent it will die. This lessons the amount of weeds you will have in your yard.

Remember, even though its winter, keep watering. Many plants are dormant but still alive. Not as much water is needed as in the summer months but keep water available.
Also water before a hard freeze. Water acts a barrier around roots and will freeze protecting the roots from the full onslaught of freezing temps.

We thank you all for stopping in. Happy Gardening!

The Friendly Staff of Sunset Gardens