Thinking of adding fruit trees to your garden this year?

Sunset Gardens has a variety to choose from.  To help get your fruit trees off to a good start here are a few helpful planting and care tips taken from our local extension service:

Planting Fruit Trees

1. February/March is a good time to plant fruit trees.

2. Establish tress in native soils.

3. Dig holes when soil is dry or only slightly moist.  The inside of hole can glaze or seal off if dug wet.  This prevents roots from penetrating into surrounding soil.

4. Dig holes twice as wide as the pot and only as deep as the root ball.

5. Prune any roots that are broken or discolored.

6. Form a mound in the bottom of the hole and spread the roots over the mound.

7. Place tree in hole at its original planting depth.

8. Fill hole with soil firm around roots.

9. Form a watering basin, which extends beyond the edge of the root ball.  Water thoroughly.  Check planting depth, as tree may sink.

10. Cover entire basin area with 4 inches of mulch.


Water the day you plant and the day after.

We’ll cover watering in depth in our next blog post!