Thinking of adding fruit trees to your garden this year?

Sunset Gardens has a variety to choose from.  To help get your fruit trees off to a good start here are a few helpful planting and care tips taken from our local extension service:


For maximum tree and fruit growth, water needs must be satisfied from bud swelling through harvest.  Watering frequency during the growing season can vary from seven to 21 days, depending on the age of tree, climate and soil type.  Young plants have small root systems and require close attention. 

Mature fruit trees respond to deep watering; saturate the soil to a depth of 2 to 3 feet. 

Build basins to extend past the trees drip line (an imaginary line extending to the outer edge of the plant canopy).  Mulches will help conserve moisture.

Normal fruit development depends on a continuous supply of water.  Not only does proper watering allow fruit to develop normally on the tree, but summer irrigation helps the crop for the following year.  Flower buds are initiated in the summer and develop in the fall.